If you are studying CCEA’s Identity Anthology for GCSE, you are expected to compare and contrast two poems in terms of their ideas and themes. When you are making connections between the poems throughout your critical essay, you should analyse and evaluate the writers’ use of language, imagery and form.

In the examination, there is a choice of two questions, and you are permitted to bring an unannotated copy of the anthology. It is also important to note that the question format consists of one named poem so you have the opportunity to choose another suitable poem for comparison.

This section of the paper lasts 1 hour and is worth 25 per cent of the marks for the GCSE qualification.


Our identities are complex. It is how we perceive ourselves and how we are defined by other people. We are also influenced by history, geography and our culture. These essay titles will help you prepare for the examination and the range of issues typical of the paper.


Past Papers and Mark Schemes

Examination PaperMark Scheme

Assessment Matrix (Top Band)

In this examination, you need to focus on all four Assessment Objectives.

A01: ArgumentPersuasive, coherent answer to the question set. Evaluative response. Sustained argument. Excellent level of accuracy in written expression (including spelling, punctuation and grammar) and coherence of response. An appropriate form of response which is clearly constructed and expressed with fluency and precision.
AO2: Form and LanguageAssured interpretation of content. Developed discussion on the effects of structure, form and poetic techniques. Analysis of the poet’s language and style, using appropriate critical terminology.
AO3: ComparisonA synthesised approach to detailed comparison and contrast.
AO4: ContextResponse is enriched by use of contextual material.