If you want to improve the accuracy of your writing and develop your knowledge of the various aspects of English Language, including grammar and style, these guides contain plenty of exercises that will help you become a more confident writer.


Parts of speech refers to the way words are used in sentences. By increasing your understanding of these different categories, such as nouns and adjectives, you will able to write more coherent and effective sentences.

The following diagram is an attempt to summarise the different parts of speech we would expect from a typical sentence. It might help clarify the relationships between the words.

Word Class Diagram


Writers use punctuation to help convey their ideas to the reader. Misplaced apostrophes and commas can dramatically change the meaning of a sentence so it is important to get it right. For example, there is a huge difference between “let’s eat granddad” and “let’s eat, granddad”!


Everyone needs to check and review their work to make sure their writing is clear, consistent and effective. Even famous writers ask friends and editors for help. Try the following proofreading exercises to develop your grammar, spelling and punctuation skills.